(Positive Outcomes While Experiencing Recreation)​

The CampPOWER program is designed to provide individuals with disabilities an opportunity for personal growth in the areas of independent living, recreation and pre-vocational skills beyond what is available in our traditional camp programming for campers who are more independent.


  • The camper must be able to dress him or herself without prompting

  • The camper must be able to toilet and take care of personal hygiene without prompting

  • The camper must be able to feed him or herself without prompting

  • The camper must have the drive and positive attitude to achieve tasks

  • The camper must be of 16 years of age or older

  • The camper must possess skills to be responsible to take own medication with limited prompting

  • The camper must display behavior that will not interfere with others’ participation in the program

  • The camper must possess responsibility and trustworthiness to be able to travel from one activity area to another without direct supervision​

Camp Summit reserves the right to deny any applicant whom does not meet the qualifications listed above​.



Independent Living

  • The camper will gain independence by having the ability to make choices that will affect the rest of their day

  • The camper will learn independent living skills by being responsible for their schedule and arriving on time to events

  • The camper will gain independence by being responsible for his or her own medications, hygiene and belongings, while under the supervision of supervisor

  • The camper will learn independent living skills by planning and preparing meals

  • The camper will practice independence by doing laundry


  • The camper will display self-determination by making choices with their free time

  • The camper with display self-determination by making choices in structured camp activities

  • The camper will plan and facilitate a group activity using compromise and considering budgets

  • The camper will interact appropriately with peers in multiple settings including camp,
    community outings and cabin life​


  • The camper will learn pre-vocational skills by shadowing and assisting in a variety of jobs around campgrounds

  • The camper will gain pre-vocational skills by practicing time management, age appropriate behavior, and other important skills for the workplace

  • The camper will learn appropriate work behaviors by participating in a two week, live-in program where work and play will be intermixed​


  • We will do a service project around camp at some point on the weekend

  • A community outing will occur over the weekend. We will plan and do the activity as a group. It could be anything from a dollar movie to the state fair​

To register, please submit a request below.  For more information, contact Camp Director Lisa Braziel at or 972-484-8900.

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