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Job Listing: Facilities Assistant

This individual will be responsible for operating and maintaining water and wastewater treatment equipment and swimming pool, ensuring compliance with state and federal operating regulations and documentation at our 460-acre, barrier-free facility, located in Paradise, Texas.


Responsibilities include assisting with the general maintenance and repair of buildings, grounds, and facilities; scheduling and performing routine maintenance on camp vehicles and department equipment; maintaining a routine for recording of standard checks of pool, refrigerators, freezers, ice machines, dish sanitizers, HVAC units, smoke detectors, fire suppression systems, building inspections, groundskeeping, etc. Must have general knowledge of carpentry, plumbing, electrical, grounds, and equipment maintenance. 

Must be able to climb ladders, paint, dig holes, move heavy machinery, problem-solve, and lift over 75 pounds. Benefits: health, dental, and vision plans, paid vacation time, retirement plan, and onsite housing.


Application Instructions

Please send a cover letter, resume and salary range to  

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