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Packing List

Camp Summit is a residential camp and although we provide the basic necessities for each camper, the camper is required to bring the following items at the start of camp:


Twin Sheets (2)

Blanket (1)

Pillow (1)

Pillow Cases (2)


Shorts (8)

Jeans (2)

T-Shirts (8)

Sweat Shirt (1)

Socks (6)

Underwear (8) 

Towels (3)

Washcoths (3)

Tennis Shoes (2)

Swim Suit (2)

Sleepwear (2)​

Personal Hygiene Items:





Bath Soap


Other items to consider:


Sanitary Hygiene Pads

Special Dietary Foods (ie: Ensure)

Special Outfit for Dance Night

In addition to the list above, we suggest the following accompany the camper:

Laundry bag – marked with the camper's name so that all dirty laundry may be returned.
Wheelchairs – bring a tire repair kit & chargers for electric chairs.
Adapted equipment – any special equipment that the camper needs to assist them while at camp, such as eating utensils, special shower chairs, walkers, crutches, communication devices, etc.

The suggested amount of clothing is an average figure. Camp does not provide laundry service.  

Pack enough clothes to last the full week (six days), including extra changes in case of accidents.


We urge you to use the sew-on or iron-on labels to put your campers' name on all clothing. If not, clothing will be marked with a laundry type marker.

We are not responsible for lost items. However, we will make every effort to see that all items are returned!

Please contact us as soon as possible if items sent to camp are not returned or if you should return from camp with someone else's clothing. We will do everything possible to locate and return misplaced belongings.​

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