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Camp Summit COVID Operating Procedures




Camp Utilization

  • Six cabins used with max 50 campers per session:  8 campers per cabin in four cabins and nine campers per cabin in 2 cabins

  • One cabin held for onsite quarantine/medical services as needed


Camper & Staff Requirements for Participation

  • Ability to understand and follow social distancing, mask utilization, hand sanitization, and other safety procedures. (Our goal is to return to service for all campers regardless of disability as soon as possible.)

  • Home quarantine for 14 days before coming to camp

  • Documented negative COVID test results from an approved lab within five days of coming to camp for campers and staff 

  • Staff may leave the facility and return for work but must maintain strict COVID safety measures while off campus.

    • Contact tracing procedures will be implemented to facilitate identification of staff who may have been exposed to COVID while off campus.


Program Operations Procedures

  • Outside greeting/camper drop off area:  caregivers and parents not allowed inside cabins or other camp buildings

  • Campers from the same group home to stay together in a cabin/not to be mixed with other campers

  • Social distancing implemented for all activities – indoor and outdoor

  • Frequent hand washing/hand sanitization

  • Masks required for activities requiring close proximity between campers and staff

  • Daily camper monitoring to confirm no fever or other COVID symptoms

  • Any camper presenting fever or other COVID symptoms during camp moved to quarantine cabin and sent home as soon as possible

  • Contact tracing procedures implemented for campers and staff participating in camp

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