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Dear Camper and Camper Families,


As 2021 begins, we are excited and optimistic about getting back to camp. The safety and health of our campers, families, volunteers & staff is our highest priority.  We have consulted with local, state & federal guidelines, as well as a “Back to Camp” taskforce and developed COVID-19 Policies & Procedures to ensure a safe camp experience for all. We recognize that this is a fluid situation; therefore, these protocols will continue to be updated as the year progresses, and updates will be shared with you. 


This year will look a little different and we wanted to share with you our plans for the 2021 year. We will continue many programs we started in 2020 and bring back in person weeklong camp starting with the summer season. Programs offered will be as follows:


  • Tuesday Talks: On the 2nd Tuesday of each month, at 12:00pm, we will continue our Tuesday Talks through our Zoom platform. We will be discussing the 2021 year, our COVID protocols for summer and fall, fun memories, and more. The Zoom links will be emailed the day prior to each Tuesday Talk. If you would like to be added to the list to receive the Zoom links, please email camp@campsummittx.org or call 972-484-8900. No registration required.


  • Zoom Dances: On the 4th Thursday of each month, at 6:30pm CST, we will continue our Thursday night Dances. We will be using our Zoom platform and enjoy dancing the night way. The Zoom links will be emailed prior to the Dance. If you would like to be added to the list to receive the Zoom links, please email camp@campsummittx.org or call 972-484-8900.  No registration required.


  • Camp To Your Door: Starting February 10th through April 15th, every Wednesday and Thursday, Camp Summit will offer Camp To Your Door, a program started in 2020 for group homes and will now also be offered to any family that wants to participate. This program brings camp and staff to your door to lead 2 hours of programming from a distance, including 3 activities of your choice, camp songs, and a dance party, all outside. Camp staff will remain at least 6 feet from all participants or family members. Family members/caregivers must be present and stay throughout the entire program to help campers with the activities. The fee is $300 for up to 6 participants and $50 additional fee for each extra participant. Locations must be within 100 miles of the campgrounds in Paradise, Texas. To register, please click here for registration form.


  • Fun Pass: Invite your family, friends, or anyone you feel comfortable spending time with for a day filled with scheduled, staff-guided activities, tasty treats, and plenty of fun! Activities include our giant ropes swing, outdoor cooking, green screen photography, chemical wood burning, basketball, archery, a nature hunt, and our music garden! With so many activities to participate in, Camp Summit Fun Pass days begin at 9:30 A.M. and end at 5:00 P.M.  Fee is $25 per person. Online registration required. Click here for more information. 


  • Camp In A Box: This program will replace spring break camps for 2021. Each camper who registers will receive a box from camp including materials needed for the week, a camp t shirt, and journal. During the week, your camper will have access to activity instructions with videos, and links to 2 Zoom calls a day with camp staff, Monday through Friday. The dates for this program are March 8th - 12th and March 15th – 19th.  The fee is $125.00 per person. Online registration required.


  • Family Camp: (April 30th – May 1st) Camp Summit is offering family camp for families to come and experience camp at a distance for a weekend. They will experience staying in a private cabin and rotate through different activities, all while staying a safe distance from staff and other families. Registration is required and space is limited. Fee is $150 per person. Online registration required.


  • Town Hall Meeting: Prior to camp, we will have a Town Hall Zoom meeting to answer any questions about the Summer or Fall COVID-19 Policies & Procedures. The COVID-19 policies and procedures will be released prior to the Town Hall meeting for families to review and prepare questions as needed. No registration for the Town Hall will be required. We will email the Zoom link to all campers registered and waitlisted for Summer and Fall weeklong sessions. 

  • Summer Season: (May 23rd – August 13th) Weeklong Summer Program will return at a lower capacity of 60 campers per session.  The lower capacity will help ensure that the COVID-19 Policies & Procedures will keep the exposure risk at a minimum for campers and staff. Online registration required.

  • Mini Session: (June 26th – July 2nd) We will also hold a new Mini-session during the summer.  Camp for this session will run Sunday to Wednesday, enjoying many of the same activities as a full weeklong camp. Online registration required.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, we are unable to offer any transportation for 2021.  We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, but the safety and well-being of our campers and staff come first.


  • Fall Season: (September 19th – November 19th) Weeklong Fall Program will return with a capacity of 72 campers and will include updated COVID-19 Policies & Procedures for the fall. Edits to these protocols will be released prior to the Fall season to ensure you have the most up to date information on all safety measures. Online registration required.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, we are unable to offer any transportation for 2021.  We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, but the safety and well-being of our campers and staff come first.


When is Camp Happening?

Camp will begin in person weeklong camping with the Summer Season on May 23rd. We will have day and weekend programs during the spring months before Summer. See the calendar here.


When can I register?

Registration opens on January 19th at NOON. You can click here to register. If the week you want is full make sure to sign up for the waiting list.


Can I still sign up with my friends to be in the same cabin?

Yes! Just make sure to put their first and last name in your friend request section of the registration process.


Can we going to do all the activities we have done in the past?

YES! We can do all the fun activities we have done in the past just with physical distance and with a mask on.


Do I have to wear my mask the whole time I’m at camp?

We ask that you always wear your mask unless you are eating, drinking, sleeping, or swimming.   


What kind of mask do I need for camp?

You can have any mask as long as it completely covers your nose and mouth, fits snugly against the sides of your face, and has multiple layers. (So no pesky bandanas, scarves, gaiters or masks with valves or vents please!) For more information on this, please see the CDC Guide to Masks.


Will COVID-19 be at camp this year?

You could be exposed to COVID-19 while you are at Camp Summit, but the staff and your friends are all working hard by staying distant from our friends outside their cabin groups and wearing our mask.


Can I give people hugs when I come to camp?

We are going to ask that we give each other air hugs and air high fives. This way we can keep our distance and still show our love for our friends.


Can I still come to camp if I need help from the counselors?

YES! Our staff are ready to help campers in their cabins with their needs just like any other year. The staff will just be wearing a mask, washing their hands more, and using hand sanitizer to make sure we stay healthy.


I have a doctor’s note saying I do not have to wear a mask, is this ok to still come to camp?

Yes, you can still come to camp we just need the written documentation on your medical authorization form to show us you have permission.

Do I have to get the COVID-19 vaccine before I come to camp?

COVID-19 vaccines should offer excellent protection for those who get them, but they are not a requirement for camp this year. We understand that not everyone will be able to get a vaccine, or feel safe getting it, before summer. We have changed many things about the way camp will run to hopefully make it as safe and healthy (and fun!) as possible for everyone – vaccinated or not. For more information on vaccines, please see the CDC Guide to COVID-19 Vaccines.


I got the vaccine for COVID-19, do I still have to quarantine or get a negative COVID-19 test before I come to camp?

That is great! The vaccine is a great way to keep you safe but not everyone has decided to get the vaccine. Because not everyone has decided to get the vaccine, we ask that everyone quarantine or a negative test with quarantine to make sure we take care of our friends who haven't gotten the vaccine.


Can I dance with my boyfriend or girlfriend at the dance on Thursday night?

We love that you have a special friend that you usually dance with on Thursday night but this year we are only dancing with our friends that we have in our cabin to keep everyone from the other cabins safe.


Can I go to the store during check-in or check-out? What about coke money?

This year our store will be online only but if you get to camp and need to look at the store, we will have an order form for you to look at during check in and check out. This order form will include coke money.  


Are we going to sing camp songs?

YES! Camp might be different this year but one thing that wont change is the fun we will have with silly songs, our new friends we meet, fun activities, and the best camp experience we can give you!


What happens if I feel sick before camp?

We ask that if you feel sick before you come to camp to call us at 940-433-3338 and let us know so we can get you into another week of camp once you feel better.


What happens if I feel sick during camp?

The staff will check your temperature and ask you questions about how you are feeling everyday at camp. If you are sick, we will do our best to make you feel better then have your parents come pick you up so you can get well and come back to camp as soon as possible.


What happens if I feel sick within 14 days after camp?

If you feel sick within 14 days after you leave camp, you need to call Camp Summit so we can wish you well and let your friends know they have a friend who is not feeling well so they can get checked out in case they are sick too.  


I usually come to camp through transportation with the pickup at the Dallas office, bus, or airplane, can I still come to camp?

Yes, you can still come to camp but Camp Summit will not be able to pick you up at the Dallas office, bus station, or Airport. You will need to find another way to get to camp with our Camp Summit picking you up. Maybe you can ride with a friend or family member to camp this year. ROAD TRIP!

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at

camp@campsummittx.org or call 972-484-8900

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