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The Experience of a Lifetime

The Experience of a Lifetime

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Make a Difference at Camp Summit


Camp Summit is a residential or “sleep away” camp for children and adults with disabilities. With weeklong camp sessions, weekend sessions and respite days, campers are offered a wide variety of traditional camp activities in our barrier-free environment.

Camp Summit hires seasonal staff for each summer and fall to fulfill a safe ratio of two campers to every one staff member. Most staff members live in the cabins (your "home away from home") with the campers during their one-week stay. Many of our staff are college students pursuing fields of human interest. We also work with international agencies to recruit personnel from all over the world. Benefits include salary, room and board, laundry facilities, wireless internet, and the experience of a lifetime!

Seasonal Positions

Fall 2022

Mid September – Mid November


Responsible for camper's daytime and nighttime needs, maintaining their health & safety, and ensuring campers have the best time possible.


Responsible for planning and leading activities that enhance the camper experience and promote personal growth.


Responsible for capturing the moments of every camper's experience.


This position is not assigned to a single group, as they are cross-trained to act as an aid in every activity and across cabins.